Oklahoma! at the Temple Theatre
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I'll Never Be Hungry Again
1/22 - 2/8/2015

The Sanders Family Christmas at Temple Theatre
Comedy Family FriendlyMusical
by Catherine Bush, with music by Gary Bartholomew

David is a black grad student assigned to read Gone With The Wind for a Southern Literature class, but David's not in the mood to read. He puts it off until the night before the test. Then, under the influence of too much partying, David passes out in the middle of the story only to wake up and find himself at Terra Firma, the plantation home of Starlett O’Hara. It’s only a wild, crazy dream, right? Or is it? David begins to wonder as he gets pulled into the plot of America’s most famous romance… slightly skewed and fraught with musical zaniness. Will Starlett and that scoundrel Whet Butler ever hook up? Is Smelanie Hamilton really that sweet? Can Whammy teach Sissy how to tap? All these questions and a zillion more you never thought to ask… well, they won’t be answered, but who cares? We’ll worry about that tomorrow….

Reserved seating is $25. Call the Box Office at 919-774-4155 or click here for tickets.