Temple Ambassadors help promote shows and represent the theatre at various business and civic events. A week or so before each show opens, the Temple Ambassadors meet for a catered reception at the Temple where they meet the cast, learn about the upcoming show, and view a rehearsal. Ambassadors are encouraged to distribute complimentary tickets and help create buzz about about the show. Becoming a Temple Ambassador is not only a great way to support the Arts, it is also a tremendous opportunity to network with businesses and organizations from throughout the surrounding counties. For more information, contact Board President, Lee West at  



Richard & Olive Baird
Chris Birney
Frank & Elly Black
Todd & Sharwynne Blatterman
Ann Blakely
Michelle Bullard
Ray & Kim Bullard
Yvonne Bullard
Burma Bullock
Jack Campbell
Kathy Carroll
Amanda Carter
Amy Dalrymple
Martin & Sharon Davis
Brian & Joani DiCiancia
Gina Eaves
Edna Eichelsbacher
Dale Erickson
Valorie Gillard
Callie Hammond
Travis & Jayne Hartman
Denise Hedrick
L.T. Holder
Karen Hollowell
Thelma Howard
Darlene Jackson
Barbara James
Bob & Nancy Jasany
Pete & Jane Johnson
Cindy Jones
Barbara Keller
Amanda King
Isabel Lawrence
Lee Leliever
Susan Lewis
Patricia Maguire
Mia Marsh
Larry Mintz
Michelle Moore
Deborah Motter
Mary Jo Parks
Barbara Perry
Becky Podlogar
Heather Quinn
Wanda Raynor
Mitch & Jeannine Reese
Lois Rice
Marjorie Riddle-Watson
Denise Roethlisberger
Leslie Roth
Karen Rushatz
Joe & Amber Sauder
Vince & Donna Schimmoller
Kathi Smith
Anne Steidinger
Donna Strickland
Judy Tulloch
Helen Tymes
Karen Walker
Spenser & Debbie Wall
Lee West
Jerry Wills
Larry & Rose Wimberly
Mike & Joan Womble
Kathy Woodell
Denny & Cindy Woodruff