Temple Teens

This group of local teenagers, led by Education Director, Greta Zandstra, perform high energy song and dance routines featuring musical numbers from Temple's current season. Temple Teens are available to perform at clubs, organizations and special events in and around the Sanford area free of charge. However, donations are gladly accepted to minimize sound and transportation costs.

"An outstanding group of young people ranging in age from 12 - 17, the performance for the evening had their audience spellbound..."

"Those kids are awesome and a very fine testament to the talent and bright future that the next generation can bring."

For additional information about Temple Theatre’s youth, educational opportunities or to book the Temple Teens, please contact Greta Zandstra at (919) 774-4512 Ext 228 or educationdirector@templeshows.com.



Auditions for the 2014-15 Temple Teens were held at 9:30am on Saturday, May 24, 2014. Please call Greta Zandstra at (919) 774-4512 Ext 228 for information about upcoming audition dates.